We travel to Kenya to get to know the situation of homosexuals in the country. In Africa 38 countries prohibit homosexuality and Uganda has recently been the most high profile case when the President of the country signed into law in February 2014 a repressive law that is forcing many gay people to flee their homes to find refuge in safer places. We look into their experience and what the future holds for them.

Journalist Jon Cuesta presents a preview in ‘Digital Connection’ on the report ‘Homophobia in Africa’, that deals with discrimination against gays and lesbians in the continent. The report is about Ugandan homosexuals that are refugees in Kenya and are trying to find asylum in a country that can accept their sexual condition.

In addition to the refugees of war, famine and drought, another group of Africans has to go in search of refuge due to their sexual condition. We also attend a clandestine church service headed by a famous charismatic Ugandan priest who is also pursued by authorities in his country. Here a group of homosexuals can go uninhibited and be themselves for a while before going back to their routine where their homosexuality is a well guarded secret.

This report was emitted in teleSUR on 18th May 2014 in the new programme called ‘These are not Tweets but Real Stories’.