We are in the high latitudes of the Rift Valley, all the children here want to be Olympic champions. The inhabitants that are mostly Kalenjins, have several world champions among them. We visit Iten to get to know these kids who dream of grand championships. We attend the training sessions and get to know the local populace that is full of record breakers and athletes with several titles in the medium and cross country disciplines. They continue to train in their community in spite of having reached the very top. Caren, Elias and Evans represent three generations of success that we will meet in our trip to the home of champions in Kenya.

Journlist Jon Cuesta appears live in ‘Digital Connection’ programme to give a preview of the report ‘Iten, home of champions’. Iten is situated at 2,400 metres above sea level, several world re-known athletes come from here.

We meet three people who represent three generations. The youngest, a ten-year-old girl, want to emulate her sister, a girl of 17 who is training hard in order to become a future athletics champion. There is also a professional athlete who has been training for years in the area helping other runner to achieve their dreams.

This report was emitted by teleSUR on 8th June 2014 in the new programme called ‘These are not Tweets but Real Stories’.