Manuel Teles, a Galician seaman, was kidnapped in the Indian Ocean by pirates who then took him to the Somali coast where he was held captive for four months. We recreate the story of his kidnap and how he was captured from the ship. We also analyze the causes of pirating in Somalia.

What makes a Somali youth take to the sea? What are the causes of piracy? We travel to the region to discover the reality of the country and to find out more about the work of fishing ships from the West, which is often illegal and overexploits fish resources in Africa.

Journalist Jon Cuesta gives a preview of this report in the programme ‘Conexión Digital’ – ‘Pirating – both sides of the business, the problem of Pirating in Somalia, its causes and the injustices that exist due to the reigning anarchy in this country of the Horn of Africa.

Since 2010, in Ebanomedia we have been working on and studying the insecurity that reigns in this part of the world and how it affects Spanish ships and those of other countries that fish in this ocean. We have also compiled numerous statements on the legitimacy of the fishing activity of the ships, the chaotic situation in Somalia, the private security forces aboard the ships, how they work and their lack of protocol as well as the legal lacunas on the arrest and legal processing of the pirates.

This report was emitted in teleSUR on 27th April 2014 in the new programme called ‘These are not Tweets but Real Stories’.