refugiados5-247x300‘Ghost Girls’ is a documentary that aims at denouncing the terrible practice of female genital mutilation in several African countries. We do so in collaboration with the NGO Save a Girl Save a Generation. We have travelled to various places in the Horn of Africa to see firsthand how widespread the practice is in so many communities. The documentary traces the lives of various girls that are defenceless victims and some of whom end up bleeding to death after going through FGM. The practice marks the lives of millions of girls all over the planet. Many of them are not even registered at birth.

Their sad memory is often buried under improvised graves under the earth in the villages and the complicit silence of an atrocity masked as a cultural and religious rite.

The documentary aims to explain the origin and reasons of this rampant custom, to demystify the false beliefs, denounce it and embark on a path of hope to little by little undo it.

In our efforts to inform, educate and fight to put an end to this atrocity since 2012 we have been releasing bits of the work that we still have under production and that will be finished soon. Cuatro and Telemadrid national television channels and the public television of the Community of Madrid among others have an interest in this report:

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