Edna Adan is an institution in Somaliland, an independent region in northern Somalia. She is more than just the founder of the best hospital in this country which is yet to obtain international recognition as a sovereign state. She was one of the few girls that got an education in Somalia, the first to drive a vehicle and the first to study in the UK. She also became the first qualified nurse in Somalia. After a stint with the World Health Organization she put her all in achieving her dream – to establish a hospital in her country of origin. The maternity hospital, a modern outfit of unequaled standards in Somaliland, opened its doors in 2002 in a country in which one out of every 12 children dies at birth.

Edna Adan’s goal to train nurses in the rural areas in the entire Somaliland has become a real obsession with her. In such areas that are far from the capital medical attention is not available and the population has to fend for itself. She has therefore founded a nursing school to fulfill her second dream – to furnish every village with at least one qualified nurse. We interview her for ‘Learning world’ programme by Euronews.