2015 marked forty years since the death of Dictator Francisco Franco yet Spain still has not settled its pending debt with the victims of the dictatorship. The collective amnesia and little political will since the time of transition to democracy has left thousands of victims buried in roadside ditches and mass graves that are yet to be opened up. Hardly 200 of over 2,000 mass graves have been opened.

In 2007, the socialist government under Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero passed the so called ‘Law on remembrance’ which, although deemed ‘insufficient’ by many political and interest groups, included the recognition of all the victims of the Spanish civil war (1936 – 1939) and of the subsequent dictatorship by Francisco Franco (1939 – 1975). When the right wing came into power, the Popular Party government did not destine any money to this law which was equivalent to its de facto derogation. Prime Minister Rajoy asserted that ‘the law on remembrance is of no interest to anyone’.

This documentary done for teleSUR will try to uncover the political interests and Franco’s legacy that still holds sway in Spain 40 years later. As a consequence several victims have not been yet been recognized as such and there is no attempt to uncover the whole truth about events in those years. As long what really happened is not unearthed and light shed on it, thousands of victims and their families will not have been accorded the justice they deserve.