The name ‘Ebano Media’ came into being as a humble homage to the best report ever written by one of the greatest reporters in history. It was written by Ryszard Kapuscinski who under the heading ‘Ebony’ (‘Ebano’ in Spanish) tells the history of Africa and his own experience and his adventures in a continent that had hardly been explored in the middle of the 20th century. After we read it we were moved to embark on our first long journey in a territory that according to Kapuscinski, “is called Africa only due to a reductionist convention and convenience”. According to this writer and journalist, “in reality except geographically, Africa doesn’t exist.”
We are curious about this enormous territory whose simplicity and complexity we like, we like it for the hundreds of differences and common places–, for its infinite stories, its virgin paths–, for its uncertainty and unpredictability. And for the questions that are yet to be answered.
That is how Ebano Media came into being. This producer and audiovisual outfit was founded by two friends and journalists who have an interest in discovering and recounting events, being on the ground, experiencing them and transmitting them as they happen.


San Sebastián, 1983 | I am a journalist by vocation. I dreamed of telling stories since I was 6 and I am active since I graduated in 2005. I have worked in the regional press and as a freelance for several audiovisual and written media. Now I lead Ébano Media, glad to do what I love the most: Journalism.
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San Sebastián, 1983 | From an early age, I loved watching movies, series and television. I graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra in 2005. I have produced, directed and presented Radio programs. I have worked in News and Television programs and in Digital Media.
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Mogadiscio, Somalia, 1989 | I was lucky enough to be born in a great continent called Africa. The difficulties and survival stories that I have encountered along the way have made me a woman with great determination who does not accept ‘NO’ for an answer. I am the Producer of Ebano Media, trying to turn ideas into realities.
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