Broken Poet is the story of 1970’s rock star Jake Lion, who was presumed dead in Paris until his former roadie Plynth happens to be riding in the Paris Metro forty years after Jake’s much publicized suicide and happens to hear an aged street musician who sounds just like him.

In search of an exclusive story, Rolling Stone publisher Kathy Madison sends rock journalist Meg Trudeau to Paris to investigate who before leaving visits Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa at their New Jersey home in hopes of gaining insight into Jake Lion’s successful career and tragic death.

While in Paris, Meg hooks up with Joe Shippers, a charismatic English music biz veteran who actually knew Jake Lion and who accompanies her on her exploration to unearth him in Paris as an unexpected romance begins to develop between them.

After a fruitless search of the Paris Metro, Meg finally gets a useful tip from another street musician in a buskers bar and locates Jake – or at least a crippled musician she presumes to be him but who insists he is not Jake but rather his brother Erik.

Jake or Erik or whoever he is, agrees to be interviewed for Rolling Stone and leads Meg on an underground tour of Paris: a small neighborhood cafe, musical instrument store, vintage clothing shop and even a walk through the frightening sewers beneath the Paris Opera as he tells his story and ruminates about the music business all the while insisting he is not Jake Lion.

On her final day in Paris, Jake/Erik does not show up, instead sending his long-time companion Christine, a flamboyant and renowned Paris groupie, to see Meg, who recounts the harrowing night when Jake allegedly jumped off a bridge into the Seine.

Unsure if she has a story, Meg returns to New York where Kathy Madison sends her on one last journey, this time out to Long Island to interview a retired music teacher who knew both Jake and his brother Erik and who insists Jake has suffered from a debilitating disease since childhood.

Meeting Plynth again in a seedy bar, Meg describes Jake’s deteriorating condition and is ready to pay him the balance of his fee for the scoop but then Plynth has second thoughts when he realizes what could happen if the world would discover Jake in his sad state and tries to convince Meg to drop the story.

Finally, while on the telephone with Kathy Madison, Meg decides not to kill the story, not wanting to destroy the already fragile state of Jake’s mental and physical health and even thinking about returning to Paris herself to find love and maybe play an old song in the Metro.

Genre: Drama / Musical
Time: 100 min.
Ratio: 2:2:35 Scope
Filming Date: Oct / Nov 2018


Elliott Murphy
Joana Preiss
Michael O’Keeffe
Marisa Berenson
Patti Scialfa
Françoise Viallon
Bruce Springsteen

Technical Crew:

PRODUCER | José Luis López
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER | Ángel Cortés Arrese
DIRECTOR | Emilio J. Ruiz
SCRIPT | Elliott Murphy, Emilio J. Ruiz, Danny Faux
PRODUCTION DESIGNER | Jesús Aguilar, Antonio Labati
PHOTOGRAPHY | Juanma Postigo (AEC)
STYLE DESIGNER | Rebecca Arrosse
EDITING | Oscar Losada
SOUND | Javier Zumer
MUSIC | Elliott Murphy, Gaspard Murphy
SERVICE COMPANIES | Hemisphere Films, Ebano Media